About the CELTA Course in Florence, Italy

CELTA: An Introduction

CELTA stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. It is an initial qualification for candidates with little or no previous English language teaching experience. It opens up a whole world of opportunities for you in the TEFL teaching industry. The main reason is that this qualification is awarded by Cambridge Assessment English, which is part of the world-famous University of Cambridge.

The CELTA course includes at least 120 hours of contact between candidates and course tutors, and includes:

  • Tutorial support and consultation
  • Supervised lesson planning
  • Six hours’ assessed teaching practice per candidate, teaching real students at least two different levels and supervised by a CELTA course tutor
  • Feedback on teaching practice
  • Peer observation of teaching practice (i.e. watching the other candidates’ lessons)
  • Six hours’ directed observation of lessons taught by experienced ELT professionals, up to three hours of which may be of filmed lessons

Once you are accepted into the CELTA course in Florence, you will need to put some hours in for pre-course preparation. Moreover, during the course, outside the class contact hours, you will need to allow hours for reading, researching, assignment writing, and lesson preparation.

CELTA Course Information Florence Italy

CELTA is “the” TEFL qualification because:

  • It is moderated by the University of Cambridge on a regular basis.
  • Employers prefer the CELTA as the TEFL qualification (stats show that 3 out of 4 English language teaching jobs require a CELTA). Employers know exactly what to expect when hiring CELTA-qualified teachers.
  • It is internationally recognised and is a Level 5 Qualification by the British Curriculum Authority.
  • The one-month intensive CELTA course provides initial training for those new to the profession and also for those teachers with experience but with little formal training.
  • The maximum ratio of candidates to tutors is one tutor for every six candidates, and there are at least two tutors on each course.

CELTA Course Content:

  • During the CELTA course offered through the centre in Florence, you will learn how to teach English to adults by gaining the following skills:
  • Language analysis and awareness of form, meaning, pronunciation
  • Developing teaching skills in the classroom
  • Techniques for presenting and practising new language
  • Techniques for the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Using teaching aids

Assessment is made through teaching practice sections and written assignments completed throughout the course.

CELTA Certificate:

The CELTA certificate is awarded to candidates who satisfy all assessment criteria and complete all course requirements.

These include:

  • Attendance of 100% of the course
  • Completion of all teaching practice and observations of experienced teachers
  • Completion of all four assignments (three or more assessed as ‘Pass’)
  • The grades of the certificate are Pass, Pass B (above standard teaching) or Pass A (exceptional language awareness, teaching and professionalism).
  • Candidates who successfully complete the course, receive both the Cambridge CELTA certificate and a report/letter from the trainers at the Centre in Florence. The letter describes the candidate’s performance in some detail and serves as a useful reference for employment

CELTA Entry Requirements:

Below are the requirements to be able to qualify for the course:

  • Being at least 18 years of age (we have candidates of all ages; mature candidates are always welcomed)
  • Having gained a university entrance level of education (e.g. finished High School). N.B: for this requirement, particularly for mature candidates, the tutors, may make an exception based on the candidate’s life and work experience.
  • Native level of English or, for non-natives, competence in spoken and written English equivalent to, at least, a strong Cambridge Advance (CAE), C1, or IELTS 7.5. N.B: you do not need to have taken any of these English level exams – if you feel confident about your level of English for taking the CELTA, the tutors will be able to assess your English through both the application documents and interview that are part of the application process for the CELTA.

Selection Criteria, Assessment, and Grades:

  • The CELTA is a Pass/Fail course, and if the candidate receives a ‘Fail’ grade or withdraws, the result cannot be changed, and that the course fee will not be refunded.
  • The CELTA centre requires 100% class attendance, in addition to work outside of scheduled contact hours. As a result, absences, tardiness, incomplete or late assignments may compromise grades on the course. If a participant is forced to miss part of the course because of ill health, a doctor’s certificate will be required. Extra work will need to be submitted to the tutor to ensure the criteria are met.
  • Information disclosed in the application must be complete and accurate, including any circumstances that may affect performance on the course.
  • All cancellations must be received in writing.

About the CELTA Online via Florence, Italy:

For the first time, Cambridge Assessment English are allowing CELTAs to be taken online. This is due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring trainees safety and welfare are put first.

Europass Teacher Academy in Florence is now also offering the possibility of taking the CELTA fully online. Applications are now open!

How does the online CELTA course work?

The syllabus and content of the online CELTA offered via our centre in Florence will be exactly the same as the face-to-face one. The only difference is that you will be learning the content and participating in seminars, teaching practice and feedback sessions through a video conferencing platform such as Zoom or a similar one.

The course documents will be shared via a cloud sharing and storing platform such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Docs or similar

The materials use for the course will be, like in the face-to-face courses, the official Cambridge Assessment materials. In general, the only difference will be that the classroom environment throughout the course is transferred from an actual classroom into a “virtual” classroom.

Online CELTA Florence Italy

How will I be assessed on the Online CELTA?

Just like the face-to-face CELTA courses, your assessment will be done on many different factors throughout the course, some of the main ones being the following:

  • Participation
  • Four written assignments
  • Completion of six hours of teaching practice
  • The teaching practice will take up most of your grade. This aspect will be conducted through Zoom or similar via which you will be teaching a class of English Language Learners. They will understand you are a trainee teacher.
  • While you are teaching, you will be moderated and assessed by a qualified CELTA tutor. They will continually offer constructive feedback throughout the CELTA course to aid your teacher development.

Will it say on my CELTA certificate that I took the course online?

The CELTA certificate issued by Cambridge Assessment at the end of the course for all students who passed the course does not specify if the course was completed online or face-to-face. All certificates look the same.

I am very happy that I chose CELTA Florence with Europass!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 5, 2022

I am very happy that I chose CELTA Florence with Europass! The application process was clear. The administrative team was always ready to respond and provide assistance. The course tutors made themselves available as much as possible if there were any questions. They provided valuable feedback and gave us the tools required to have an effective English lesson in any setting: online or face-to-face. The course was 100% online, and I feel that it was a bonus, because it gave us a chance to practice online teaching and collaborate. I highly recommend CELTA Florence at Europass Teacher Academy!

Avatar for Olga Clark
Olga Clark

The online CELTA course was an exciting and incredible educational experience

Rated 5 out of 5
January 5, 2022

The online CELTA course was an exciting and incredible educational experience: I could decide when to study the asynchronus part based on my personal schedule and I really enjoyed the live sessions where I could learn together with my colleagues and tutors. The administration was well organized and communications were given in time to finish the required tasks. Our tutors were absolutely supportive and really helpful and available in case of any need. The tasks to be carried out with colleagues had to be well organized according to everyone’s time availability, but being able to do everything from home was very convenient.

Avatar for Fabiana Paltrinieri
Fabiana Paltrinieri

I am so happy with the services and support that I received throughout the course

Rated 5 out of 5
January 5, 2022

Overall, I am so happy with the services and support that I received throughout the course, either from the tutors or the administration, and surely recommend it to future candidates. The tutors, in particular, were always there for us and made sure that everyone received adequate support regarding the different components of the course (e.g., we were provided with excellent resources, which were tailor-made for our purposes, to refer to respecting our TPs and assignments). Lastly, If I had to take the CELTA course one more time, I would definitely take it with CELTA Florence again.

Avatar for Arash Shafiee
Arash Shafiee

Doing the CELTA course in Florence was an incredible experience

Rated 4 out of 5
October 29, 2021

Doing the CELTA course in Florence was an incredible experience. The tutors were really interesting and supportive and the admin team was very friendly and efficient. We had a chance to work with some wonderful students, too. I would definitely recommend doing your CELTA in this environment – even the hardest jobs are made easier by all the beauty and wonder of spending entire days in a beautiful palazzo in the centre of Florence.

Avatar for Una Jones
Una Jones

The tutors were very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging

Rated 5 out of 5
October 27, 2021

The admin team was very helpful and communications were prompt. The tutors were also very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.

Avatar for Alessandra Zanini
Alessandra Zanini